Fostering a safe work environment through training and recognition A premier provider of specialty chemicals was able to reduce occupational illness and injury and lost-time incident
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Promoting safety awareness and reducing lost-time accidents A manufacturing and excavation company was able to reduce direct and indirect costs due to lost-time accidents with the
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Research shows time and again that employee engagement leads to more successful organizations and creates more productive employees who stay. Engaged Organizations Are More Productive Organizations
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Improving the employee experience and product quality through rewards and recognition A leader in developing unique, innovative solutions for specialty and dimensional printing aimed to create a culture of
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Imagine your company taking a new approach to driver retention and employee engagement. A comprehensive solution, based on research, best practices and partnership.

Imagine looking at the challenge of driver retention from both the driver’s perspective and your company’s objectives and strategic plans.

Imagine a Partnership, with important goals being addressed and improved together with your drivers; safety, communication, customer service and improved profitability.

Imagine best practices being implemented from the beginning and during the employment of your drivers and employees; transparent recruitment, an on-boarding process that supports the new driver, ongoing communication/engagement, driver feedback, alignment of corporate goals with the driver to share in the increased profitability, recognition and brand advocates.

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Improve Company Performance

We collaborate with you to engage, recognize, reward and RETAIN drivers. We believe in aligning your drivers with your key strategic objectives. The results are a growing business, better service, more efficient operations, increased bottom line and driver loyalty / retention.

Reward Driver Contributions

Through our flexible points based system, the HAULin’ loyalty program recognizes the driver’s efforts by continually engaging them, and rewarding them for the performance based objectives that you set and they achieve. The points they earn are redeemed in the online HAULin’ Mall. This creates a win-win for both you and the driver. And a loyal partner!

Leverage Our Industry Expertise

HAULin’ DPS was created in collaboration with trucking industry veterans who understand the challenges with driver retention, safety, mileage and customer service. We’ve combined their expertise with our performance improvement expertise and state-of-the-art technology to deliver a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Return on Investment

Performance, safety and customer service improvement directly affect your profits. By aligning your strategic goals with your drivers, incrementally rewarding them for their contributions and recognizing their efforts, you will be more profitable, create a better culture and extremely loyal drivers who stay!